Overview - How the Check-In Tool Works

IMPORTANT NOTE: We highly recommend that you and your team test the check-in tool at the event venue/facility at least a few days prior to your event date. This is critically important for two reasons:

  1. You want to make sure that the device(s) you are using to check in attendees have a strong enough Internet connection to send data to the check-in tool. WiFi is preferred to a cellular signal; wired Ethernet is preferred to WiFi.
  2. You want to ensure that your at-the-door team members know how to properly use the check-in tool features ahead of time.

With our Event Check-In tool, you can easily check in and process your attendees at the door on the Event day. And because users have the ability to refresh the check-in list on command, one or more attendants can use the tool simultaneously at multiple entrances.

Our Event Check-In tool is fully mobile-responsive and built for use on any device - computer, tablet or smartphone. You can use it in list form to find attendees or you can search/sort by name, ticket number, etc. You can also put it in self-check-in mode so you can set up a tablet on your check-in table where attendees can enter in their name to find themselves.

Depending on the method of attendee management you selected when you created your Event - Collect RSVPs vs. Selling Tickets/Registrations - there are a few differences in how you check in attendees:

For Events set up to Collect RSVPs:

  • You can show/hide each of the RSVP Events you have created to collect attendee information for each of your sub-events.
  • You can choose to only check in attendees who have RSVP'd as "attending", or you can check in all attendees on your Attendee List (even if they have not RSVP'd or responded as "not attending").
  • You can add new attendees at the door who were not previously on your Attendee List.

For Events set up to Sell Tickets/Registrations:

  • You can sell additional tickets at the door via credit card, check or cash.
  • You can use the QR code reader on your mobile device to scan the PDF tickets that were previously emailed to ticketed attendees.
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