Overview - How the Check-In Tool Works for Tickets/Registrations

With our Event Check-In tool, you can easily check in and process your attendees at the door on the Event day. And because it auto-refreshes every few seconds, one or more attendants can use the tool simultaneously at multiple entrances.

Our Event Check-In tool is fully mobile-responsive and built for use on any device - computer, tablet or smartphone. You can use it in list form to search/sort by name, order number, ticket number or ticket name. You can also put it in self-check-in mode so your attendees can enter in their name or order/ticket number.

It also integrates with most QR readers on mobile devices so you can scan the QR code on the tickets emailed to attendees.

Finally, you can also use it to sell tickets at the door. You can either collect credit card payments via a manual terminal or accept cash or check payments and enter the payment information via the tool. Once an at-the-door payment is processed/entered, the ticket buyer is sent a confirmation email receipt.

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