Overview - How the Attendee List for Ticketing/Registrations Works

NOTE: This article is for Events set up for Ticketing/Registration. If you have set up your Event for Collecting RSVPs, go to RSVP Collection.

In the Attendee List tool for a Registration Event, you can view, filter and download information that is provided by your registered attendees. In some areas, you can also edit information for attendees.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Attendee List tool for Ticketing/Registrations differs from the Attendee List for Collecting RSVPs in that, for Ticketing/Registration Events, this tool is where all the information submitted by ticket buyers/attendees is compiled, whereas for Collecting RSVPs, you (the account user) upload, enter and store attendee information in this tool and only collect RSVP responses from attendees. YOU CANNOT UPLOAD ATTENDEES TO THE ATTENDEE LIST FOR A TICKETING/REGISTRATION EVENT.

As such, the Attendee List tool for Ticketing/Registrations is your control center and master list for all registered attendees, and is composed of two sections:

  • Attendees - Under this tab you can view and manage all information for registered attendees.
  • Waitlists - If you have turned on the Waitlists feature in the Registration Setup / Tickets & Discounts area, you can view and manage information for the people who have signed up to Waitlists for sold out tickets.

In the Attendees area of this tool...

There are three primary areas:

  • Attendee List - Here is a list of all ticketed/registered attendees to date. By default, they are filtered by last name but you can use the "up/down" arrow icon next the heading of each column to sort by data in that columm. You can also click on the attendee to open up their details, or you can use the Filter field at the top of the page to search by first/last name, ticket name and ticket number.
  • Filters Area - In this area you can use the checkboxes to filter by: paid, payment not received, void, refund request, refunded.
  • Totals, Responses & Uploaded Files Area - In this area you can view/access:
    • Number of attendees registered to-date (click on "Ticket Breakdowns" button).
    • Number of attendees who have responded to custom questions, if any were added to tickets (you can download PDF or .csv files or view responses on screen).
    • Files that have been uploaded by attendees, if this option was turned on in the Registration Setup / Tickets area (you can download a zipped file that will contain separate folders with each attendee's name; inside each folder will be the files they have uploaded).

In the Waitlists area of this tool...

  • The left column of the page displays total number of people waitlisted and then breaks them down by ticket.
  • The right column of this tool lets you filter for waitlisted people by first or last name, email address and ticket name.
    • Click on the "Add Person" button to manually add someone to the Waitlist.
    • Click the "CSV" button to download the Waitlist.
    • Click on the "Actions" button next to the person's name to edit or view their information.
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