About Accepting/Processing Payments for Your Tickets/Registrations

Video Tip - Go to the 7:18 mark of the video to view information on accepting payment for tickets/registrations.

We provide for two methods to accept payments via the Checkout Form for online ticket orders/registrations and donations - credit card and mailed check.

NOTE: We do not allow for sales of any kind of gambling, gaming or contests, including raffles and raffle tickets.

We also provide for three methods to accept payments at-the-door - credit card, check and cash.

With regard to processing credit card payments...

We have integrated with the payment processor WePay to make the process seamless for you and your ticket buyers. Your account is ready to accept credit card payments via WePay, and all you need to do is to finish setting up your account with them and provide them with bank account information for depositing funds.

Once you have finished setting up your WePay account, you can then use credit card processing for your ticketing/registration Events. Each time you create a ticketing/registration Event, you need to manually activate credit card processing for that event (see details).

Click here for information on how to set up your WePay account and complete its setup.

As long as you have provided WePay with accurate information and a transaction is not flagged as "high-risk" (which can result from payments made by compromised credit cards and other factors), WePay typically distributes funds 2-5 days after a credit card payment has been processed.

IMPORTANT NOTE: For every ticket purchased via credit card (plus donations), Planning Pod charges two types of fees - a credit card processing fee plus a Planning Pod service fee. Learn more about processing/service fees.

With regard to mailed check payments...

When you activate the option to collect registration payments by check, you can add details for what entity/person that attendees should make the check out to and mailing information, and you can also designate how many days to hold the tickets (while you awaiting payment) until they are released for resale.

With regard to at-the-door payments...

By using the Check-In tool, you can select tickets and manually process credit card payments (via WePay) as well as enter check or cash payment amounts.

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