Setting Up Credit Card Payment Processing for Tickets/Registrations

You can accept credit card payments for online ticket purchases/registrations and donations as well as at-the-door ticket purchases/registrations. We have built-in integrations with several merchant payment processors that you can choose from to collect credit card payments for your events.

These integrations make the credit card payment process seamless for you and your ticket buyers and simplify how you manage payment information and track revenues from registrations.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have not yet set up your primary merchant payment processor, go to "Setting Up Online Electronic Payment Processing in Planning Pod" for instructions.

Once you have set up payment processing, every registration event you create in your Planning Pod account will use your primary processor to run credit card transactions.

When a transaction has been processed, the transaction details (ticket buyer name, email, order amount, transaction ID, etc.) will appear inside the Order (in the Order/Ticket Sales tool in the Event). There you will also be able to refund and void the ticket, if necessary.


Regarding Ticket Transaction Fees...

Merchant payment processors will assess a transaction fee to each registration order; you can view those fees here. The processor will calculate and deduct the fee from the order total and pay you the net amount (order total minus the transaction fee), and that is the amount that will be deposited into your bank account.

Planning Pod is not able to track these transaction fees, so if you need to know exact amounts, you should log into your merchant payment processor account for details.

Planning Pod does not charge any additional fees for registrations/ticketing beyond your account subscription fee and the credit card processing fee.


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