Checking in Ticketed Attendees At-The-Door via the Check-In Tool

To Check in Ticketed Attendees At-The-Door via the Check-In Tool:

  1. To access the Check-In tool, click on the "Check-In" tool button on the Event Dashboard - OR - navigate to the following URL and enter your Planning Pod login details:
  2. Click on "Check-In" in the top navigation.
  3. You can either scroll through the list of attendees or use the search/sort filter at the top of the page to search by attendee first/last name, ticket number, order number or ticket name.
  4. When you find the attendee, slide the toggle to the right of the attendee's name. The attendee's listing will turn green; display as "checked in"; and the date/time of the check-in will be recorded.

Also, if you click on the attendee's order number, the order details will be displayed in a modal window.

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