Selling Tickets At-The-Door Via the Check-In Tool

In order to sell a ticket at the door, you first need to activate the "At-The-Door Sales" setting for the ticket.

To Sell Tickets At-The-Door via the Check-In Tool:

  1. To access the Check-In tool, click on the "Check-In" tool button on the Event Dashboard - OR - navigate to the following URL and enter your Planning Pod login details:
  2. Click on "Sell" in the top navigation.
  3. Enter the quantity of tickets.
  4. Select the payment type.
    • NOTE: In order to accept check payments, you need to turn this feature on in the Registration Setup > Payment Processing area of the Event.
  5. Enter the first/last name, email address and phone number of the ticket buyer and click "Continue".
  6. If you want to apply a discount, click on the "Add Discount" button and enter the dollar amount or percentage off of the price.
  7. For a credit card payment, enter the requested credit card information and click the "Pay Now and Complete Order" button.
  8. For a cash or check payment, collect the cash/check and click the "Complete Order" button.
  9. A confirmation/receipt email will be sent to the ticket buyer, and the transaction will be added to the Orders tool in the Event.
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