Refunding a Ticket/Registration Order

If you allow refunds for your Registration Event, you can refund individual ticket orders in the Orders tool.

NOTE: You can only make a full refund for an order. We do not allow for partial refunds.

To Refund a Ticket/Registration Order Made by Credit Card:

  1. Click on the "Orders" tool button on the Event Dashboard - OR - use the Quick Launch tool to select the appropriate Event and the "Orders" tool.
  2. Find the Order that you want to refund in the list or search/filter for the Order by first or last name of the ticket buyer, order number, date, payment status or amount.
  3. When you find the Order, click on the "Open" button. This takes you to the Order details page.
  4. Click on the "Refund" button.
    • If you wish to also void the order so that the tickets for the event are invalidated and the attendees will not be able to use them, leave the "Void Order With Refund" box checked. As a rule of thumb, we recommend voiding all refunded orders unless there are extenuating circumstances.
  5. Type in the reason for the refund.
  6. Click "Process Now".

If your Event has been cancelled or you need to refund tickets in bulk for an Event, please contact us at support {at} planningpod {dot} com or at 877-266-3885 to discuss the proper protocol for mass credit card refunds.

To Refund a Ticket/Registration Order Made by Cash/Check:

  • Follow the procedures listed above. However, you are responsible for making sure that the original ticket buyer receives the refunded monies because the funds were handled outside of your Planning Pod account.
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