Overview - How the Registration Orders Tool Works

In the Orders tool for a Registration Event, you can view, filter and download information on ticket/registration orders placed for an Event via the Checkout Form.

In the left column on this page, you can view current ticket sales numbers, including: attendees, tickets sold and gross revenue. Click on the button "Ticket Breakdowns" to see attendees and sales by ticket.

In the right column on this page, you can:

  • Download PDF and CSV files of the Orders list.
  • Filter by ticket status.
    • Use the checkboxes to filter by: paid, payment not received, void, refund request, refunded.
  • Filter attendees by word or phrase.
    • Type into the "Quick Filter" field to search by first or last name of the ticket buyer, order number, date, payment status or amount.
  • View orders.
    • Click on the "Open" button next to the order to view the order information. On the order details screen, you can:
      • Refund the order (if applicable).
      • Resend the confirmation email to the ticket buyer (email will include PDF files of tickets).
      • Download tickets for each of the ticketed attendees on the order.
      • View the information for each of the ticketed attendees on the order.

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