Overview - How Does Time Tracking Work

The Time Tracking tool is located inside of each Event Dashboard, and with it you and your team members can enter in the time you have spent working on a particular Event.

For each time entry, you can add the following information:

  • Date of entry
  • Contact who completed the work
  • Description of work completed
  • Hours (can be added in whole numbers with up to two decimal places - e.g., 4.25)
  • If the time entry has been billed yet.

Once entered, you can run a PDF report inside of the Time Tracking tool for all entries for an Event. You can also go to the Reports area of your account and run the Time Tracking Summary report, which provides time entries across all Events for the time range you select.

You can also pull time entries into an Invoice in order to bill for each entry; you can do this in the line items area inside of an invoice by clicking on the "Import/Export" button.

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