Overview - How Does the Communications Tool Work

The Communications tool will serve as a central location to manage email as it relates to your events and/or business. This tool is great for communicating with team members, clients and contractors as well as keeping a centralized record of email communications regarding event details/decisions and business-related topics.

Users have the option to integrate personal or business email addresses to send/receive and monitor emails within Planning Pod. Additionally, they are able to create/customize email templates and assign those templates to a variety of items in the system (like confirmations when new leads area added, invitations to collaborate and more).

Here's how it works...

  • Any email address associated with a Contact in Planning Pod will be recognized by the system and any email messages sent from that address will be pulled into the Communications tool inbox.
  • These messages can then be linked to an Event or Lead, responded to, sorted and archived just like you might do in a traditional email account.
  • When sending a proposal or invoice, you can choose to send it through the Planning Pod default email address or through your own existing email addresses that you would connect to your Planning Pod account (what we call a "connected email address").

IMPORTANT NOTE: When choosing to send an email messages through a connected email address, you will not be able to track delivery, opens or clicks in the Email Activity Report. To maintain this functionality, please choose the default @planningpod.com email address for these items. 

With this tool, users can:

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