Composing and Sending an Email Message

Video Tip - Go to the 0:34 mark of the video to view information on composing emails.

Users can compose and send an email message from the Communications dashboard located in the left menu or within an Event/Leads dashboard.

To compose an email message:

  1. Click on "Communications" from the main navigation menu or within the Event/Lead.
  2. Click on "Compose".
  3. Choose the "From" email address that the email will be sent from.
  4. Choose the Event/Lead with which the message is associated (if within an Event/Lead, this will already be selected). Note: This is an optional field if the email is not specific to a particular event.
  5. Choose the Recipient - OR - create a new contact if the intended recipient is not yet in your account's Contact list.
  6. Choose an email template (optional).
  7. Enter the email subject and content.
  8. Attach files by either selecting from the "Available Files/PDFs" options (only available if you have linked the email to an Event/Lead) or by clicking on the "Select Files" button and uploading the files from your device.

Once the message and attachments are complete, click "Send Now" at the top of the screen. Note that any uploaded files will be automatically added to the files area of an attached Event/Lead.

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