Managing/Replying to Emails

Video Tip - Go to the 2:45 mark of the video to view information on managing and replying to emails.

Managing email communications in Planning Pod is similar to using other email clients. Your "Inbox" is the default view on the Communications Dashboard. Any email address associated with a Contact in Planning Pod will be recognized by the system and email messages sent from such addresses will be deposited into the Communications dashboard.

Simply click on the email to expand, read, reply and access the individual email tools along the top of the email. Each of these tools allows you to quickly manage this message.

  • The Envelope icon marks a message as unread. This can be helpful to make sure other team members see the new message when multiple people are sending/receiving emails from a single address.
  • The Reply, Reply All and Forward arrow icons allow quick response from within Planning Pod. Note that you can choose the email address you are replying from, add additional recipients, link to an Event/Lead and use email templates just as if you are composing a new message.
  • The intact chain icon links an email to an existing Event or Lead. This will also upload any attachments for the email into the Files tool within that Event/Lead.
  • The broken chain icon un-links the message from the Event or Lead, also removing any attachments from the Event/Lead Files.
  • The file box icon archives the message - removing it from your inbox without deleting it from the system. Archived messages are searchable through the dashboard and by clicking on the Archived quick view.
  • The trash can icon moves the message into the trash. Note: To permanently delete messages from the Communications tool, you will need to access the "Trash" quick view, select the messages and click "Permanently Delete" from the menu. Deleting a message in Planning Pod does not delete it from your email account outside of the software.

When sorting through many messages, it can be helpful to link more than one email at a time to an Event/Lead or archive several older emails. You can do this by using the check boxes to the left of the emails.


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