Archiving Emails

Video Tip - Go to the 3:55 mark of the video to view information on archiving messages.

Archiving email messages is the best way to clean out your inbox while maintaining your email records associated with an Event or Lead. Archived messages remain searchable and you can access them by clicking on the Archived quick view.

There are a few ways to archive emails within the Communications tool in Planning Pod.

  • When viewing an email message in the Communications tool, the file box icon archives the message, removing it from your inbox without deleting it from the system.
  • You can archive one or more messages simultaneously by clicking on the checkboxes to the left of the messages and then choosing "Archive" from the menu to archive multiple messages at the same time.

Archiving messages does not remove them from your account, does not unlink them from an Event/Lead and does not make them inaccessible. You can always reference these messages with no waiting period.

To unarchive emails that were previously archived:

  • Click on the "Archived" quick view and click on the email in question. Use the file box icon to unarchive the message
  • Use the checkboxes to the left of the emails to select one or multiple emails. Choose "Unarchive" from the pop up menu.
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