Using Email Communications Within Other Tools

Video Tip - Go to the 6:40 mark of the video to view information on emailing from Events/Leads.

The communications tool is at work behind the scenes throughout Planning Pod, sending notifications and messages based on the default templates and email addresses set up in the Account Settings area. The main area where users will interact with this tool outside of the Communications dashboard is in Leads and Events.

Within a Lead or Event users can:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Responsible email communication is important! Learn more about email best practices to ensure emails make it to the intended recipient and don't land in junk! Click here for more information on best practices for email deliverability.

Additionally you can trigger email messages to be sent out from within the following tools:

  • Proposals/Invoices - Customize the message and email address before sending.
  • Contracts - Automatically sent with the default email message and address.
  • Forms Builder - Automatically sent with the default email message and address.
  • Message Board - When leaving a message within an Event/Lead, it will trigger a copy emailed to the user.



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