Emailing a Proposal, Invoice or Contract from the Communications Tool

The Communications tool in Planning Pod makes it easy to email Proposals, Invoices or Contracts to your clients without having to download and re-attach them to an email. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: When sending Proposals, Invoices and Contracts through the Communications tool, it will not include the ability to digitally sign or add a "Pay Now" button to the email. This functionality will require you to send the item through the corresponding tool.

To email a Proposal, Invoice or Contract from the Communications tool in Planning Pod:

  1. Click on "Compose".
  2. Choose the "From" email address that the email will be sent from.
  3. Choose the Event/Lead the message is associated with in order to populate the "Available Files/PDFs" for this Event/Lead.
  4. Choose the Recipient - OR - create a new contact if they are not in the Contact list.
  5. Choose an Email Template (optional).
  6. Enter subject and email content.
  7. Choose the appropriate files from the "Available Files/PDFs" area by clicking on the checkboxes to attach the selected documents.
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