Using the Communications Dashboard

Video Tip - Go to the 2:18 mark of the video to view the Communications Dashboard.

The communications dashboard is the hub for all email communications in Planning Pod. While individual emails can be sent from a variety of areas throughout the system, you will be able to search and track everything through the Communications tool in the main navigation menu.

You have the option to communicate by sending through the default address or you can choose to connect your personal/business email address(es) to your account to send and receive email directly through those accounts. Any email address associated with a Contact in Planning Pod will be recognized by the system and any email messages sent from that address will be pulled into the Communications tool inbox.

Once you have connected your email address(es) Planning Pod will, by default, check for email when you log in and again every 5 minutes after that while you remain logged in.

On the Communications Dashboard you can:

  • Use the "Refresh" button at the top of the dashboard to trigger an immediate fetch of email from your associated email accounts.
  • Set up additional email accounts and email templates using the "Setup" button.
  • Use the "Advanced Search" menu to search emails by email address, name or content of the subject or message.
  • Use "Quick Views" to move between folders within the account:
    • "Inbox" will hold new mail that has not been starred, archived or deleted.
    • Use the "Star" to mark important messages, items that need a response or VIP emails.
    • "Sent" will show you all mail that has been sent from your Planning Pod account.
    • "All Messages" will show everything in one view (new, starred, archived, sent).
    • "Archived" messages are those that you do not need in your immediate view but may want to reference later.
    • "Trash" is where messages that you delete will be stored.
  • Choose an event from "Associated Events" to view messages that are linked to a particular event.
  • Manage email in batches with check boxes

Additionally, you can manage your email communications by:

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