Linking/Unlinking Emails to Events and Leads

Video Tip - Go to the 3:15 mark of the video to view information on linking/unlinking messages.

Staying organized and tracking email communications is easy with the ability to link email messages to Events and Leads.

Linking received emails as they come into your Communications inbox:

  • Once you open up an email, just click on the intact chain icon to link the email to an existing Event or Lead. This will also upload any attachments from the email into the Files tool within that Event/Lead.
  • The broken chain icon un-links the message from the Event or Lead, also removing any attachments from the Event/Lead Files.

Linking new messages that you compose from inside your account:

  • When composing an email within an Event or Lead, the email is automatically linked to the Event/Lead.
  • In the main Communications dashboard, when composing an email, click on the dropdown menu under "Associate this Message with an Event/Lead" and select the desired Event/Lead before sending the email.


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