Using "Favorites" to Organize your Event & Lead Dashboards

When you go to the Event/Lead Main Section Overview page and click on an Event, you are taken to that Event's Dashboard. You have the ability to mark the tools you use most often as "Favorites" to view in the main dashboard along with quick status display notifications or to move them to the bottom under "Additional Tools".

The EventLead Dashboard is your portal for managing the tools, details and assignments for each specific Event or Lead. Your ability to access this dashboard as well as the tools and information presented in it is based on if you have been assigned to the Event and what level of permission you were granted to the account.

Lead Tools
You can view all the tools available in the Lead as well as quick statistics/totals for each tool.

  • To go to a tool, just click on the tool's name.
  • To change the order of how tools are displayed, use the up/down arrow next to each tool and drag the tool to the desired position.
  • Use arrow icon to the right of a tool to "Remove From Favorites" and move to the bottom of the dashboardmceclip0.png
  • Use the arrow icon to the right of the tools under "Additional Tools" to "Add to Favorites"mceclip1.png

Important Note: Removing a tool from Favorites does not remove it from your dashboard - it simply minimizes it to allow a more streamlined workspace for those items you use the most.

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