Overview - How Does the Banquet Event Order (BEO) Tool Work


NOTE: The BEO tool is only available in our Venue Management Software packages.

The Planning Pod BEO tool allows users to create a customized banquet event order that can be easily shared with clients, caterers, vendors and coordinators. The BEO layout can include information already stored within the event like...

  • Basic event information like event name, dates/times, location(s), associated vendors/clients and headcounts
  • Event itinerary/schedule
  • Specific room setup instructions
  • Food-&-Beverage packages
  • Invoice/proposal totals
  • Contract/proposal signature statuses

In addition to the existing information in the event, specific details can be added to a BEO based on the needs of the user. Custom fields can be added or removed in the Settings area for things like special requirements, delivery instructions, load-in details, audio-visual equipment and more. And you can collect electronic signatures for your BEOs from inside the tool itself.

You will begin under account settings to create your default Banquet Event Order Setup. The layout and information you set up here will dictate the basic structure of the BEOs in all of your events.  From this setup screen you can...

  • Choose a 1, 2, or 3 column layout
  • Add custom panels & fields 
  • Add default text to panels/fields
  • Rearrange panels to suit your style/business needs
  • Disable panels and fields you do not want shown on your BEOs

Once you are happy with the default settings, you can start using the BEO tool inside any event. Basic event information like event name, dates/times, headcounts, location contacts and vendors will auto-populate from the event. Other information can be added to the BEO in two different ways...

  1. From Inside the BEO Tool Itself - Each panel within the BEO allows you to add applicable information from other tools within the event.
    • Floorplans, Proposals, Invoices and Contracts tools have an option to "link" overview/summary data from those tools to the BEO.
    • The schedule panel allows you to select the items from your Itinerary that will display on the BEO. PRO TIP: You can bulk add itinerary items using checkboxes from inside the itinerary tool.
    • Food-&-Beverage packages will display once they are linked to the BEO using the "Link Package" option.
    • Choose signers for the BEO from the contacts assigned to the event. This can be the client, a caterer, vendor or anyone else who needs to sign off on the details of the event.
  2. From Inside Other Tools That Sync With the BEO Tool - As you are building out your event and adding details to the Itinerary, Proposal, Invoice, Contract, Itinerary or Food & Beverage tools, the system will prompt you to add data from that tool to the BEO. If you select to include the data, it will populate as you are working on each individual tool, saving you time from entering the same data twice. 

Once your BEO is populated with the vital details you require, you can easily share the document in three different ways...

  1. Send the BEO to contacts to capture their digital signatures
  2. Download a PDF to print or email outside of the Planning Pod platform
    • Click on "PDF" at the top of the BEO screen to download.
  3. Use the Communications tool to email the BEO to contacts
    • Compose a message in the Communications tool and check the BEO box to attach a PDF to the message.
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