Collecting Signatures for BEOs

Many event venues and caterers require clients to sign off on BEOs as a final confirmation and acknowledgement that they agree to the timing, deliverables, details and/or costs of their upcoming event.

Planning Pod's BEO software tool gives you the ability to collect electronic signatures from contacts who have been assigned to the event, streamlining the signing process and allowing you to better track if signatures have been applied or not.

In addition, once an e-signature has been completed by a contact, they will display as "signed" in the BEO and you can download a PDF of the signed BEO there. And if BEO details change after a contact initially signed the BEO, you can remove their signature and request they resign the updated BEO. The system will keep a downloadable PDF version of the previously signed BEO and track when the signature was removed.

To Collect Signatures for a BEO:

  1. Click on "Events" in the main navigation bar.
  2. Find the relevant event and open it.
  3. On the Event Dashboard, find the "Banquet Event Order (BEO)" tool and click on it.
  4. Find the "Signatures" panel.
  5. Optional: If no contacts have been assigned to the event, click on the "Link Contacts" link.
    • Find the appropriate contact in the list on the left (or add a new contact by clicking on the "Add New Contact" button) and click on the "Assign" button next to their name.
    • Once added, find the contact's name in the right column and make sure the "Show in BEO" and "BEO Signer" boxes are checked.
  6. Locate the appropriate contact on the BEO main page and click on the "Actions" button.
  7. Depending on your situation or intended method of signature collection, select the "Collect Signature via Email" or "Collect Signature in Person" and follow the instructions.
    • For the Signature via Email option, the contact will be emailed a link to a signature page where they can sign off on the BEO (no access to your account is required for this signoff).

Uncollected signatures will display as "Not Signed", and notifications for those will display in the Event Dashboard and Home Page Dashboard until those signatures have been collected.

Collected signatures will display as "Signed" with the signature date; PDFs of those signed BEOs can be downloaded in this area.

To Remove an Existing BEO Signature and Collect a New Signature:

  1. In the BEO "Signatures" panel, find the contact who has signed the BEO and click on the trash can icon next to their name.
    • Once this is done, an entry appears below with their name, the date the signature was removed and a link to a PDF of that old signed BEO.
  2. Click on the "Actions" button next to the contact's name and follow the instructions above on collecting a signature for a BEO.
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