Managing/Using Headcounts for Events

The Headcounts feature in Planning Pod allows users to easily enter and track the estimated, actual and minimum headcounts for Events via the Event Dashboard. Once headcount details are entered here, you can use those headcount totals to automatically calculate line items in the Budget, Proposal and Invoice tools as well as sync headcount totals to BEOs.

To Add/Manage Headcounts in an Event:

  1. On the Event Dashboard, find the "Headcounts" area and click on the edit pencil.
  2. Enter the estimated, actual and/or minimum headcounts for the Event, where applicable. Note that all of the options may not apply to your Event.
    • Estimated headcount is just that - an estimation - and should be used as such.
    • Actual headcount would be the final (and most accurate) number of guests expected.
    • Minimum headcount is for those Events that require a minimum number of guests with regard to billing and payments (often used by venues and caterers for billing purposes).
  3. Once any headcount numbers are entered...
    • You can return here to modify/edit them.
    • They can be automatically pulled into the Proposals, Invoices, Budget and BEO tools for calculation and/or display purposes.

To Use Headcounts in Proposals & Invoices:

When adding line items to Proposals and Invoices, you can choose how you would like to calculate the total for each item - by Manual Entry (for calculating by quantity or hours) or by Headcount (Estimated, Actual or Minimum). When you choose one of the Headcount options, the pricing will change when you update the Headcounts in the Event Dashboard or BEO tool.

  • In the Proposals or Invoices tool, click on the appropriate Proposal or Invoice to open it.
  • Either add a new item by clicking on the "Add Line Item" button - OR - edit an existing line item by clicking on the "Actions" button and selecting "Edit Line Item".
  • In the modal window that pops up, in the "Quantity/Hours" area, choose the Headcount option you would like the pricing based upon.
  • Enter unit cost, any markups/discounts, taxes and notes. 
  • Click "Save". Now the item will calculate pricing against the Headcount option you selected.

In addition, line item Headcount calculations can be added to Proposal and Invoice Templates to save you time!

To Use Headcounts in Budgets:

  • From the Event Dashboard, find the "Budget" tool and click on it.
  • Either add a new item by clicking on the "Add Line Item" button - OR - edit an existing line item by clicking on the "Actions" button and selecting "Edit Item".
  • For the Estimated, Negotiated or Actual amounts, use the "Budgeting Groups" option and select the "Event Headcounts" option provided there.
  • NOTE: For the Estimated and Negotiated amounts, the Estimated Headcount will be used. For the Actual amount, the Actual Headcount will be used.
  • Enter the per-unit amount.
  • Click "Save". The line item totals will now be automatically calculated based on the Headcount totals you have selected.

In addition, Headcount calculations can be added to Budget Templates to save you time!

To Use/Display Headcounts in BEOs:

Headcounts appear in BEOs inside the Event Info panel, and you can modify which Headcount options display in your BEOs in the "Settings / Banquet Event Order" area of your account.

In the BEO tool in each Event, you can edit Headcount totals from inside the BEO by clicking on the "Update" link to the right of the Headcount field. Note that changing the Headcount totals in the BEO will populate to the Event Dashboard and to all other connected tools (like Proposals, Invoices and Budgets).

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