Navigating the Floorplans Tool

The Floorplans tool in Planning Pod allows you to build to-scale room designs, seat attendees and much more. This article will walk you through the basic navigation and shortcuts to make your design experience quick and easy.

Floorplans Navigation

At the top of each Floorplan you will see the following basic menu options:


  1. "Edit Name/Canvas" allows you to Edit the name and dimensions of your canvas
  2. "Setup Instructions" provides a text box to enter details/instructions for the setup of your Floorplan. If you enter any information into the Setup Instructions it will appear on a cover page when you export your Floorplan to PDF. When left blank this cover page will be omitted from the download.
  3. Quick Reference for Keyboard Shortcuts
  4. Download Options 
  5. Delete Floorplan

To the left of the Canvas where you will build your floorplan you will see three tabs:

  1. "Library" is where you will access all floorplan elements to build your space
  2. "Attendees" will display your associated attendee list, attendee status and be your hub for seating guests in your floorplan.
  3. "Room" is your editor for creating room outlines and uploading background images

To the right of the canvas you will find:

  1. Attendee views you can toggle between
  2. Floorplan views that allow you to show or hide certain information on your diagram
  3. Grid View Options/Option to switch to Metric Measurements

To Add Elements into the Client Portal for use

Only elements marked as favorites will show up in the client portal for us by your clients. You can mark an item as a favorite by clicking on the item > selecting the Star Icon from the menu > naming the item and clicking save. 



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