For Clients - What is the client portal and how do I use it?

Welcome to the Client Portal in Planning Pod!

This service is provided to you by your Event Professional or Venue who invited you to collaborate - and it is a great way to stay up-to-date on your event planning, invoicing, proposals/contracts and much more. 

Important Note: Not all users will see every tool we discuss in the video and this article. If you do not see something you believe you should have please reach out to the person who granted you access with questions. 

Here's how it all works:

Accessing Your Client Portal

Once you have set up your username and password you can come back to log in to the portal at and then clicking "Sign In" in the upper right corner of the screen. Planning Pod is mobile compatible so you can access it right from your smart phone or other mobile device. 

Managing Payment Methods

If your event professional is using the Planning Pod system for invoicing you can add/update payment methods from the portal! Just click on the "My Payment Methods" option from the home screen and click "Add" to add a new payment method. This information is stored securely by the payment processor and can only be used to apply payments to an invoice within the Planning Pod system, so no need to worry about security!

Viewing Contact/Venue Information

All Contacts/Vendors and Venues associated with Events will be displayed on the home screen. Click on the contact/vendor to view more information including phone number and addresses associated with the person/business.

Viewing/Managing "Attention Required" items in the Portal

Certain items in the portal may require your attention in order to move forward with the event planning process. When something needs you to take action there will be a red indicator on the tile on your come screen. You might see these when:

  • A signature is required on a Contract, Proposal or Banquet Event Order 
  • A Payment is due on an invoice
  • A Questionnaire has been sent you for you to complete
  • To-Dos have been assigned to you by your Event Professional

To sign a Proposal/Contract/BEO

  1. Click on "View" from the tile where you see the red indicator
  2. Review the document
  3. Click "Sign Now" at the top of the document
  4. Review and complete the digital signature process at the bottom of the screen
  5. Once the signature is complete you will be able to download the document and you will receive an email with the completed document.

To Make a Payment on an Invoice

Click on "View" from the Proposals & Invoices tile and locate the Invoice. There are several ways to make a payment:

  1. If you have a scheduled installment/deposit payment (or "Payment Reminder") you can click on the "Make Payment Now" link from the Proposals & Invoices screen.
  2. To review the invoice before making a scheduled installment/deposit payment click the title of the invoice. From within the invoice you can click "Pay Now" to the right of the Payment Reminder you would like to make payment on. 
  3. For unscheduled payments click to view the invoice and then click "Make Payment" at the top of the invoice.

You will have the option to use a saved card/bank account or add a new payment method during this process. 

To Review/Complete To-Dos

  1. Click on "View" from the To-Do's tile on the home screen
  2. Review/Complete Items on the To-Do list
  3. Once an item is complete check it off using the check boxes to the left of the item. Item that are past due will show in red, upcoming soon will be orange and upcoming in the future will be green. 
  4. You can scroll to the bottom to show completed tasks by clicking the "Show Completed To-Do's title. 

Other Collaboration Tools Available in the Portal

Attendee List allows you to:

Files allows you to upload files to share with your event professional/venue and download files they have shared with you. 

  1. Click "View" from the tile on the home screen
  2. Click "Upload Files" to upload a file from your computer
  3. Click the name of the existing files to review and download. 

Floorplans  can have two different levels of access depending on your Venue/Event Professional - Edit access or read only.

Read Only:

  1. Click "View" from the main tile on the home screen
  2. Select the floorplan you would like to view
  3. Use the View Filters to review seating chart/floorplan

Edit Access:

  1. Click "View" from the main tile on the home screen
  2. Select the Floorplan you would like to view/edit
  3. Make changes, seat attendees, add elements and more from this screen. 
    1. Note that only the elements provided by your event professional will be available to use in the Portal.
    2. Learn more about navigating the Floorplans tool here! 

Food & Beverage provides information on the menu/packages you have selected with your event professional. Simply view to review/download menu and beverage packages. 

Itinerary provides the full itinerary for your event as provided by your event professional. Click "View" from the main tile on the home screen to review the itinerary.

Vision Board provides an area to view items/photos uploaded by your event professional. You can review their notes, make comments and download images from this tool. 





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