Storing Client Credit Card Information for Future Invoice Payments

Planning Pod provides the ability for you or your customers to save their credit card information to simplify making future Invoice payments. This is a handy option if you plan on using our "Auto-Pay" invoice payment feature; if your clients want to save time entering their credit card information every time they make a payment to you; or if you need to maintain a client's credit card information on file in case you need to charge them for additional fees, damages, etc.

NOTE: Any saved credit card information is stored with the merchant payment processor you have connected to your Planning Pod account; Planning Pod does not store this information on our servers. All of our payment processor partners are PCI Level 1 compliant, the highest and most stringent level of compliance required of credit card payment processors.

To Save Client Credit Card Information for Future Transactions:

There are three ways in which customer credit card details can be saved for future transactions:

  • Via the client's Contact profile - If click on "Contacts" in the main navigation bar of your account and click into a client's profile there, you will find a section labeled "Payment Methods". By clicking on the plus icon next to that heading, you can add and save a client's credit card details for future use.
  • Via online credit card payment forms - When clients click on links in Invoice emails sent from your account or when you process a manual credit card payment from inside an Invoice, there is a checkbox option to save the credit card information being used for that transaction.
  • Via the Client Portal - If you provide a client with access to the Client Portal, they can log in and, on their portal Home Page screen, click on the "My Payment Methods" area to save a new credit card. They can also view their saved credit cards here and remove them, if desired.

NOTE: If you are using PaySimple as your primary merchant payment processor, all credit card details will automatically be saved; there is no checkbox option to save or not save details.

Once a credit card has been saved, you can view all saved credit cards for a client by going to the main "Contacts" area of your account; clicking on that client's Contact profile; and viewing their saved credit cards in the "Payment Methods" area. You can also remove saved credit cards here.

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