Overview - How the Registration Orders/Ticket Sales Tool Works

In the Orders/Ticket Sales tool for a Ticketing/Registration Event, you can view, filter and download information on ticket/registration orders placed for an Event via the Checkout Form.

This page has three primary areas:

  • Orders List - Here is a list of all ticket/registration orders placed to date. By default, they are filtered by order date (ascending - most recent to least recent) but you can use the "up/down" arrow icon next the heading of each column to sort by data in that columm. You can use the Filter field at the top of the page to search by first/last name of person who placed the order, order date, order number and order amount. You can also click on the order in the list to:
    • Refund the order (if applicable).
    • Resend the confirmation email to the ticket buyer (email will include PDF files of tickets).
    • Download tickets for each of the ticketed attendees on the order.
    • View the information for each of the ticketed attendees on the order.
  • Filters Area - In this area you can use the checkboxes to filter by: paid, payment not received, void, refund request, refunded.
  • Ticket Sales Area - Here you can view overall sales as well as click on the "Ticket Breakdowns" button to see statistics for each ticket.
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