About Setting Up and Managing Tickets

Video Tip - Go to the 3:05 mark of the video to view information on setting up Tickets.

Our ticket setup process is built so that you can add stand-alone and nested tickets to the Checkout Form and add unique pricing and sale date schedules for each ticket. This gives you granular control over offering different price points for your tickets over designated date ranges (like lower pricing for early-bird registrants, regular pricing afterwards, and increased pricing for late registrants).

For each ticket you can also configure:

  • Pricing options (fixed, free or open pricing)
  • Checkout form questions, including collecting attendee contact information and setting up custom questions
  • Allowing attendees to upload files
  • Ticket quantities
  • Minimum and maximum number of tickets that can be purchased per order
  • Venue of event for which the ticket applies
  • Sold-out options (including creating a waitlist for sold out tickets)
  • At-the-door sales

NOTE: We do not allow for sales of any kind of gambling, gaming or contests, including raffles and raffle tickets.

As for setting up a ticket, we recommend following these simple steps:

  1. Create a new ticket. - Includes adding the ticket name and the event dates/times for which the ticket is valid and/or can be used.
  2. Add one or more pricing and sale date schedules. NOTE: You must create at least one pricing/sale date schedule.
  3. Configure the ticket settings.
  4. Add the venue that corresponds with the ticket.
  5. Build your Checkout Form questionnaire, which includes:
  6. Set up selling tickets at-the-door.
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